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When October Goes: Mother’s Day Reflections & Playlist

On Mother's Day I usually do a social media post for the occasion . I tried something a little different this year. I wanted to experience the day, process the experience, then write about it.

I made my mom a playlist last year and it had her favorite songs that I knew about. This year I asked her for a list of her favorites and it had a lot of surprises. It was really cool to have the songs playing in the background when she came over for dinner on Mother's Day. One thing about getting older, the stories my parents tell me get better and better. Each song brought up memories of where she was in life when she first herd the song. A lot of them were before I was born which was cool because she had an entire life before me. I learned more about her as a person and they were all the greatest stories because they all involved the greatest person, her. I had a few sad moments thinking about my grandmother Birdie Shivers because she's not with us physically anymore. I imagine it's bitter sweet being celebrated while missing your own mother. My family is full of, and I was raised by dynamic Black Women.


plural dynamics

: a force or factor that controls or influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity : a dynamic force or factor

This playlist is gives a glimpse of my mom's personality. It's strong, elegant, loving, passionate, eclectic tells great stories just like her. She's my cool older friend and I'm so grateful for her.

She's actually one of my friends, but not "One of my lil friends" like she used to remind me anytime my tone was closer to peer than it was parent. To my playlist makers, song curators; if you have made a playlist for Mother's Day or one honoring your mother I'd love to here it, please share.

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother's and Mother figures


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