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Marcum "MIDIMarc" Core

Marcum Core, better known by his musical alias MIDIMarc is a producer, recording artist and audio engineer based out of Columbia, South Carolina.

MIDIMarc is widely recognized as one of the premier music producers in South Carolina, often mentioned alongside jetsonmade, ChillGoHard and Supah Mario as mainstay of SC hip-hop production. MIDIMarc rose to national and international prominence in the mid 2000s with the release of full remix albums for Jay Z’s Blueprint (The Newprint - 2005) and American Gangster (American Beatmaker -2008) as well as  Nas’ Stillmatic (The Day Things Got Ill - 2007). One of MIDIMarc’s most popular remix efforts was his Notorious B.I.G. tribute project entitled Machine Gun Funk (2009) garnering over 100,000 downloads. ​

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