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Valentine’s Day, Relationship Goals & A Really Black Playlist

Well, it's Valentine's Day which can hit a person in so many ways emotionally depending on where we are in life. You might be celebrating, you might be mourning or it might just be another day for you. I'm just happy you made it to this post, and if the day triggers some unpleasant thoughts just know that I'm praying for you and sending all of the positive energy your way.

Valentine's Day makes me think of Love of course, but as time goes on I think more and more about the strongest example of love, commitment, and marriage I've ever witnessed.

No, it's not Martin & Gina

It's not Claire & Cliff

It's not Uncle Phil & The 1st Aunt Viv

It's my Uncle Joe & Aunt Carolyn !

They have been married for 55 years and inseparable. Love has kept them young especially since they don't even look 55 years old. For me this will always be relationship goals ! They are some of the finest humans you could ever meet and an inspiration to my entire family.

Thanks for reading! As promised, here is a really black playlist available on Apple Music

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