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The Hilltop Glove Podcast featuring MIDIMarc:I Know You Got Soul!

Updated: Apr 18

My friends at The Hilltop Glove Podcast reached out to interview me and I might have interrupted the question to give an enthusiastic “Yes!”. I sweetened the deal by inviting the crew to my home to film the episode along with enjoy a meal afterwords. They asked great questions and I was honored to share some of my story and experiences. Check out the new episode and maybe you’ll learn some new things about me.

In high school I had a friend group, but this “thing” that I was interested in was way more in depth than talking about your favorite songs. I wanted to make the music we were bopping our heads to. I know this isn’t the last time I’ll get to share my story, but I’m so glad to share it first on The Hilltop Glove. They have made a commitment to the preservation of the stories and history and I appreciate the effort and work they put into their content.

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