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My Birthday, Fear and Forward Motion in 2023

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

January 1st is a reset for most people. The older I get the more my birthday has become my personal rest (January 28). I reflect on the wins and losses of the previous year and practice gratitude that I made it to see another year. I'm intentionally embracing the future knowing that God has been and is always working for my good. That doesn't mean times will always be fun and joyful, but I trust God and fight to remember what He brought me through.

Fear has kept me from my purpose. As I attempt to live a purpose driven life fear is right there with a fresh list of doubts to lower my confidence and keep me from moving forward. Despite what fear did and tried to do I made a lot of progress this past year.

I started my healing journey.

I got to know my aunt Malka who is a distance healer and life coach and those sessions and conversations were life changing.

I became more self aware by making mistakes with situations and loved ones. I still don't know if I'm able to humble myself, but I listened for God's voice, and looked for His signs and fingerprints in everything because , or if that has always been something God orchestrated, but regardless I was humbled. I was humbled by the grace I received in 2022.

I want to continue to dream big and keep my eyes open for the bread crumbs that God is going to put on the path to keep me in my purpose. I want to thrive in all areas of my life, encouraging and inspiring people along the way. I know fear is there, but I want to do things afraid. Place the fear behind me and let it propel me to the places I'm supposed to be, and into the ideas I'm supposed to have.

Thank you so much to all of you who called, and texted to wish me a happy birthday. Y'all made me feel real special!

I turned 40 and the turn up was more of a turn down. There was no meet up at a restaurant, singing, or blowing out candles. I spent this birthday at home and was completely content. Just a man, a dog, his MF Doom mask, and some friends.

My Aunt left me with this message on my birthday:

"This is also my wish to you on your birthday: "May G-d bless you to continue enthusiastically in your healing journey in a way that brings you only increased self confidence, self assurance, peace, contentment, joy, health, self knowledge and self appreciation. May all your words and actions align with your truest accessible self, and may you continue to reveal more and more your truest self. May G-d grant you all your heart's desires and may it manifest only with revealed good. Should you experience any challenges, may you remember that they are there to awaken your strengths, wisdom, faith in yourself and faith in G-d which had not yet been revealed. May you always deeply feel the love and care from all who love and care for you." Love, Auntie"

Thanks for reading 😊


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