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H3RO & MIDIMarc Are Sick

📷:Jamie Oliva

Nick came up with a creative concept and directed the video. It’s been really cool seeing the reactions of the folks that get the reference.

Thank you all for watching, commenting, sharing the video! It released on September 19 and as of today we are at a little over 1,200 views. Help us get to 1 MILLYON!

This isn’t the first time you’ve herd H3RO on a MIDIMarc beat, he delivered a legendary verse on the song “Throne” from FatRat Da Czar’s “Tribe” album. I was already a fan of his, but ONE day he put out a killer freestyle over one of my favorite DJ Premier instrumentals and I knew it was time to work. When I was making this track wasn't sure where things were heading creatively, but I knew I wanted drums that made me feel like "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest. I was already satisfied with the drums, but then FatRat Da Czar mixed the record and brought the drums out even more!

Please stay tuned! Maybe we’ll do another song together?

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